Al Bubba Baker is a former National Football League player that played defensive end for 13 years. He holds the single season record with 23 sacks and played in 3 Pro Bowls during his career. He was named 1978 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year with the Detroit Lions. He also played with the St. Louis Cardinals, The Minnesota Vikings and he retired with Cleveland Browns. Al is also known for his appearance on Shark Tank.

    He has always been a great story teller and has a love for drawing. To the left is one of his favorite drawings.

    Al is now a Motivational Speaker, Illustrator, Writer and Self Publisher.

  • J.B

    JB “The G.O.A.T,” QB/DB Team Captain and the Leader of the Super 7. When the team gets focused, his super natural telepathic abilities allow him to see into the minds of Queen Tick, Eve’s deranged werewolves.

  • BOBO

    Bobo "The Silverback Gorilla" OL/DL, naturally has the strength of 10 men, his long arms and oversized hands and feet come in handy as the single offensive linemen as set forth in the Intergalactic Animal League.

  • LENA

    Lena “The Barbary Lion” WR/DL There’s nothing feminine about this lion, his ancestors date back thousands of years ago in Morocco.


    Alaysia “The Albino Bison” WR/DL, the first female to play football in the Intergalactic Animal Football League with the boys and her mantra is “I can do that” meaning block, catch and tackle.


    "The Wild Boar" RB/LB Always the toughest player on the field and a trash talker. His superpowers are his super senses and his ability to duplicate. 


    Alexander “The Great” a Dog WR/LB, big, strong, athletic, receiver and naturally a friend and protector of man, who instinctively loves catching the football.


    Priscilla “The Cheetah” WR/DB plays receiver and is naturally the fastest player in the league. When the Super 7 all focus, her super powers allow her to travel at the speed of light.